How Spray Foam Insulation is expanding your savings in your New Home


When it comes to Home insulation there is no question that Spray Foam Insulation is the current reigning King. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) has been around for some time now, but compared to any of the alternatives, there is simply no doubt that the huge advantages make SPF a no brainer option. 

SPF is originally a two liquid compound that when combined together it expands in a “foamy marshmallowy” form in a matter of seconds, up to 120x it’s volume. The liquids are kept separate and are mixed together at time of installation in spray form, hence the name.

If we are to think of the alternative Insulation, we can easily conclude that SPF has the mayor advantages.

Air Tightness and Structural Strength and Durability

The main advantage of SPF is the fact that it is an air tight solution. Being in spray form, it can adhere to any shape surface, all cracks and openings, something that is just impossible to accomplish with the alternatives. A proper SPF installation will provide zero gaps, and since it adheres to the frame of the home it provides added structural strength and durability.

Energy Performance

As you may recall from our previous blog entry, HERS rating is an extremely important number to check when evaluating the cost of ownership. One of the key features is precisely air tightness and insulating performance. The fact of the matter is that SPF will inarguably provide cost effectiveness and long term savings in your new home.

Sounds Great, but How much more will this Upgrade Cost?

ICON Custom builder has been using SPF for years and is an INCLUDED feature in any of it’s homes. Either you get any Move in Ready home, or decide to go fully custom. ICON always strives to provide the best and highest quality materials not only in the finishes, but inside the walls and throughout every step of the building process. Furthermore, in the whole time ICON has used SPF, there have been ZERO warranty calls on our insulation, which also translates to a worry free option for our clients.

SPF is one of those upgrades that are simply invisible when the home is finished, but we can definitely see it in our pockets when it’s time to pay our bills. And the best part is that we can count on those savings every month without having to do anything extra. You can count on ICON to provide the very best and look out for the performance in your next new home.

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RESNET Energy smart builder

ICON Home Custom Builder is proud to be a RESNET Energy Smart Builder and is committed to increasing the energy performance of the custom homes we build..

Outside of a mortgage loan, the highest cost of homeownership is energy. That’s why smart homebuyers ask for a home’s HERS Index Score to determine its energy efficiency before buying. The HERS Index Score is like an MPG (miles-per-gallon) sticker for homes. After all, it makes sense to know the energy performance of a home before making the investment.

Visit Hersindex.com for more information.

Some answers that will help you in the process

With home energy costs skyrocketing, it only makes sense to find out how energy efficient a home really is. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a home built to the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code uses 30% less energy than older homes. Many builders today are building homes that use 70% less energy than existing ones.

A home built to the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code is awarded a rating of 100 on the HERS Index. This is taken as the RESNET Reference Home. The lower a home rates, the more energy efficient it is. Therefore, a home with a rating of 70 on the HERS Index is 30% more efficient than the RESNET Reference Home. A rating of 130, however, is 30% less efficient than the RESNET Reference Home.

The RESNET HERS Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The HERS or Home Energy Rating System was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for inspecting, testing and calculating a home’s energy performance. Certified RESNET Home Energy Raters conduct inspections to verify a home’s energy efficiency and recommend improvements that can be made to increase it.