Build a House On Your Land

Build A House
In addition to providing with numerous custom home building options, ICON Custom Home Builder gives you the option to build a house on your land. Whether you own a small lot or a couple of acres, you want a quality home to go with it! This allows you to select a budget you can work with and still create the desired plan of your dreams.

The Process

The process of building your own custom home on your lot is very similar to our custom home process. You get the same friendly customer service, the same communication with our builders and designers, and the same quality and luxury home. The difference is it involves building on a plot of land that already belongs to you. Not many home builders will offer this as an option, but ICON is known for its versatility and effective process. Our office is fully equipped to handle the necessary processes to make this happen without any hassles for you.

The first part of the process is choosing the kind of home you are looking for. You might start by looking at our floor plans or you might want to modify it some by adding your own ideas. At this point, you can decide whether you want to get an Advantage or a Premier Home.

Design. Build. ICON.

Build a house on your own land. As the largest custom home builder in El Paso, we are always looking for ways to better assist homeowners with the process and answer any question. Learn more about our team of builders by giving us a call at 915-859-3713. We can start building on your land right away!

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