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  • We build quality houses with modern amenities and features.
  • Our well-designed floor plans are energy efficient throughout.
  • Review our floor plans or visit one of our model homes to experience luxury first-hand.
  • We can work off your blueprints to bring your dream home to life.

Custom Home Builders, Custom Homes

Custom Homes – Building Your Vision

Get started with the blueprints to your future. ICON does design-build homes.

If you’re in the market for buying a home, chances are you have a vision about what you want your house to be like. You imagine the layout, the exterior, the light features, the type of flooring, high ceilings, bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets. A custom home means you get to put that vision on paper and then make it a reality.

ICON Homes is known for our high-end homes and versatility. Not only do we build custom homes, but we also use a variety of building materials from stucco, brick, and more. We can build traditional, transitional, or modern custom homes.

Many people are unaware of just how simple and exhilarating building your own customized home can be. The name says it all: a custom home is one-of-a-kind. It’s unique in floor plan and design, and it has features that are important to you, and the specific amenities you requested. These specifications may have been decided by you and our designer. A custom home allows homeowners incredible flexibility and choice when it comes to the design of their home, materials used, features installed, etc.

A Process Made Easy by Years of Experience

Every customer is different because every vision is different. This is where ICON shines above the rest. We work based on your needs and desires. Arriving at that precise layout or design will take some back and forth. We enjoy this process, as we work closely with you to develop an original vision. The process will also depend on choosing an Advantage Home or a Premier Home.

About the Advantage Home

An Advantage Home is a semi-custom option. This means you can have a general idea of what you’re looking for and we will work with you to make it happen. You might have some blueprints drafted out but would like feedback or suggestions. Our architects and designers will work with you to improve it. If you’ve seen something that you like in our model homes and want to mix and match, we can help design a floor plan that fuses elements or features from each.

About the Premier Home

A Premier Home is our full custom built options. It contains the most amount of amenities and specific features. You can work with your own floor plans or ideas and have us install specific characteristics into the home. For example, if you want an eight-foot door and high ceilings, we can work with your design to make it happen. There are more allowances for light fixtures, cabinets, tiles, etc.

The Design Process

Once you know what kind of home you’re selecting, we begin the process. This consists of a back and forth with our designers and builders. They’ll take your specifications or design, work on it, improve on it and return it back to you for approval or feedback. Then it goes back to the designers and we continue the same process until we arrive at the perfect home. This can take up to three months. Once we have that ready, we will estimate the home and move towards the contract.

The Building Process

Once we finalize details, get the construction loan, and do the pre-construction on the field, we begin building.

You’re in on this process too!

ICON Homes will bring you in for formal walkthroughs as the building is taking place. You’ll get a total of four walkthroughs throughout the process.

Here’s a glimpse into what each walkthrough consists of:

  • Frame: Once the frame is ready, you will come in and we’ll discuss ceiling designs, bathroom, or bedroom designs that may come up.
  • Electrical: Once the frame is built, we will call you back and tour the home for the electrical specifications. We’ll go room by room, interior and exterior, and finalize electrical lighting.
  • Pre Drywall: Once the electrical is in and before we do insulation, we do a third walkthrough to ensure everything is looking good. We’ll run through HVAC systems, electrical, and anything else that goes behind the walls. This is where you can ask questions and do final approvals.
  • Checking details: Once it’s all erected we will send in our detail crew to completely ensure the home is ready to close, you will come in and approve the final results.

Once all of this has been completed, you are set for closing. Included with all of our homes is the two-year warranty, including a two-year roof warranty.

Design. Build. ICON.

Get your future started the right way with the best custom home builder in El Paso. Contact ICON Homes today and get started. Call our office at 915-859-3713 or come by our office located at 1150 Burgundy D. El Paso, Texas.

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