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ICON Advantage

Home Lot Size

13,863.86 sq. ft.

Total Living Area

3,121 sq. ft.


Tierra Del Este 89



(including NextGen)






2 Cars

RESNET Energy Smart Builder

ICON Home Custom Builder is proud to be a RESNET Energy Smart Builder and is committed to increasing the energy performance of the custom homes we build.

The basic geometric structures are a key feature as well as the accent textures under the windows come together to create this clean, stylish and gorgeous elevation that sets the theme for the interiors as well. The triangles and rectangles are a continues feature that are also found in the driveway and landscape design.

Walking into the home we encounter a beautiful foyer with a stylish privacy wall delimiting the area. The tile design in the center continues with a rectangular design while the ceiling design and lighting fixture provide the ultra modern feel to it. 

The great room is of course an open floor concept, something that ICON is know for. The ceiling keeps a clean design with only a few accents in tile. The entertainment center wall mimics the exterior design with rectangular areas and accent on the right, similar to the accent found in the exterior. White and earth tones make décor fun and easy, since it allows interiorists to fully display their capabilities. The sliding door at the end of the living area expand the feel of the room to the covered porch and outdoor kitchen allowing the space to open up even further when enjoying a great evening with family and friends. 

The Kitchen area features a gorgeous cabinet design is an off-white color including the hood enclosure. The dual tone quartz countertops and backsplash complement perfectly with the cabinets and hardware. The pantry is nicely sized with roof for a second fridge and everything hidden away by stylish barn door. 

To the left of this great room, we will find the corridor that has access to the garage, laundry room and  leads to the Master quarters, the master bath uses the rectangular elements to full advantage while maintaining the exquisite design and features, the free standing tub at the back is tastefully placed with a unique rock surrounding, giving a unique touch of nature. 

The walk in closet is a must see, with natural light coming in from the top windows and an enormous storage/display area, making it obvious that you can have a closet that is as chick as the rest of the home. 

On the right side of the great room there are the additional bedrooms, but more importantly a very comfortable next generation living area, that is fully equipped for an elder parent or that collage offspring that needs a little more privacy and independence.









Learn about all the included energy-efficient features this home offers that will make the best home-buying experience.



Come by and visit this home at 14621 Tierra Port and experience the fantastic design and our top-notch quality this home offers.

RESNET Energy smart builder

ICON Home Custom Builder is proud to be a RESNET Energy Smart Builder and is committed to increasing the energy performance of the custom homes we build..

Outside of a mortgage loan, the highest cost of homeownership is energy. That’s why smart homebuyers ask for a home’s HERS Index Score to determine its energy efficiency before buying. The HERS Index Score is like an MPG (miles-per-gallon) sticker for homes. After all, it makes sense to know the energy performance of a home before making the investment.

Visit Hersindex.com for more information.

Some answers that will help you in the process

With home energy costs skyrocketing, it only makes sense to find out how energy efficient a home really is. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a home built to the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code uses 30% less energy than older homes. Many builders today are building homes that use 70% less energy than existing ones.

A home built to the 2004 International Energy Conservation Code is awarded a rating of 100 on the HERS Index. This is taken as the RESNET Reference Home. The lower a home rates, the more energy efficient it is. Therefore, a home with a rating of 70 on the HERS Index is 30% more efficient than the RESNET Reference Home. A rating of 130, however, is 30% less efficient than the RESNET Reference Home.

The RESNET HERS Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. The HERS or Home Energy Rating System was developed by RESNET and is the nationally recognized system for inspecting, testing and calculating a home’s energy performance. Certified RESNET Home Energy Raters conduct inspections to verify a home’s energy efficiency and recommend improvements that can be made to increase it.