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The ICON SMART Package: Why We Use Smart Technology Features in Our Homes


Building a home is an endeavor that looks into the future. It’s one of the only things you’ll ever buy that will impact your life so profoundly and for the long term. It’s why there must be foresight involved, vision, and expertise on a variety of fronts—from structural and architectural integrity to functionality, aesthetics, to the everyday appliances.

When searching for a custom home builder, it’s important to know how they are using all of the tools available to them. As El Paso’s most successful custom home builder, one of the ways ICON Homes stands out is our efforts to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that make life better.

In a previous post, we talked about our decision to switch to 100% spray foam insulation. Similarly, smart home technology is all the rage, but it’s not just about luxury or bragging rights. It’s not just about having sleek and cool-looking gadgets in your home. These technologies exist to adapt to the way of life of the modern family and make things better. Let’s take a look at some of the features available with our homes.

For Increased Energy Efficiency: The Nest Programmable Thermostat

Imagine a thermostat that knows things about you. It figures out when you go to work, when you come home, when you wake up, and it sets the temperature accordingly. In the past, people had roosters that announced the coming of dawn. Today—while you can certainly still have a rooster—you can wake up to the coziest temperature in the bedroom so that leaving those warm blankets is not such an arduous task.

This small ENERGY STAR certified apparatus of 3.3 inches wide and 1.8 inches thick is like an algorithm master; it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn about your house, how long it takes to warm up, what the weather is like, and how to better serve your HVAC system to help energy saving. The Nest Thermostat uses sensors and smart technology to program itself based on your daily patterns. The purpose of its learning and algorithms is so that it can better serve you and save you energy. With this thermostat, you can program your HVAC systems through your smartphone, control the temperature from inside or outside the house, and track changes. Other convenient features include:

  • The Airwave feature automatically gives your AC a break by kicking on the fan and helping circulate the cool air already in the home.
  • A Nest can detect when it’s being heated up in direct sunlight. The Sunblock feature will automatically adjust so the readings are not skewed.
  • The Cool to Dry feature kicks on the AC and reduces humidity in the air
  • The Early-On feature will figure out when to turn up the heat so that you can wake up to a cozy house.
  • Coupled with ICON’s spray foam insulation, this Nest thermostat achieves even more energy efficiency.

For Added Security and Monitoring: The Smart Ring Doorbell

So you’re waiting for an important package to arrive but traffic was bad and you’re not going to make it home in time. If only there was a way that you could talk to the delivery person and let them know to leave the package behind the large plant. Wait, there is a way! Smart doorbells are much more than adding a novelty sound so you can hear Beethoven’s Fifth every time someone comes to your door.

Today, a smart doorbell can detect motion at your front door, send you notifications to your smartphone or PC, and even allows you to see and speak to visitors through the app. The Ring Doorbell provides extra security; it has caught criminals in action as they attempt to take packages or approach the home. The camera and microphone allow you to communicate directly to the person at your front door. You can even sync the Ring Doorbell to your security system. This feature is available with an ICON Home.

For Added Security and Convenience: The Keyless Entry Deadbolt

Locking yourself out of your house, or carrying your house keys is a thing of the past. Or you can at least do it the modern way. Having a keyless lock on your front door can help with added security. A keyless entry deadbolt can lock and unlock your door through a four-digit code.

For the Technological Modern Family: USB Outlet Charging Stations

We can’t deny that technology has integrated itself deeply into our lives. All of our homes come with conveniently located USB outlet charging stations, so your family can keep their devices charged and ready at all times. With your ICON Home, you have the option of getting two, three, or four charging stations.

Reach Into the Future. Make Your Home an ICON.

Building a home is a multi-layered undertaking. It’s not done by just one person; it requires multiple hands, labor, expertise, and knowledge. ICON synthesizes all of these efforts into an easy process. This demands, however, that the home builder be well-versed in all of the different areas. ICON Homes is there every step of the way. Our SMART package is only one way we take our homes to the next level. Questions about our features? Give us a call!