Building beautiful custom homes in El Paso is something ICON Custom Home Builder takes very personally. In fact- it’s an El Paso family owned business that believes in integrity and honesty, we're a family you can trust. With 15 years of experience as a respected, trust worthy, custom home builder in El Paso, TX, ICON has an expansive portfolio of custom built homes.

ICON has built its reputation on excellence and integrity in mind.  At ICON Custom Home Builder, our commitment to quality construction and customer satisfaction is second to none. We pride ourselves on a seamless home buying process from start to finish.  ICON Custom Home Builder is committed to building energy efficient custom-built luxury homes with expert craftsmanship and environmentally-friendly building practices.

When you invest in ICON Custom Home Builder, you know you’re getting a smart, energy efficient home that will grow in value year after year. We are proud to be the forerunners in creating custom homes that are built around energy efficiency, exceptional design concept, and energy savings standards that leaves a positive lasting impact on you.